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Hotel Sales – Successfully conquering the RFP and Tender Season. What's next?

At this point in the year, hotel teams are certainly right in the thick of tender season and re-contracting for the new year which is upon us.

Business opportunities hotel teams have worked hard to push through the sales funnel, from creating awareness, to evaluation and assessment (buyer consideration), and finally locking in the deal or opportunity which in most cases has resulted in an invitation to participate in an RFP or Tender. Finally, this is where hotels get the real chance to lock in a contract for placement on a preferred accommodation list.

When you’ve finally locked in that new corporate account which could either have your hotel placed on a preferred list for a large blue-chip client on a ‘managed travel’ program, or a local corporate account that books and contracts directly with the hotel, both scenarios factor in different buyer and booking behaviors', however the strategy and techniques behind the work that actually drives loyalty, repeat business and ultimately your fair share are relatively similar.

Building and maintaining relationships is important at all levels in business and contributes to growth success. In the current context of building loyalty and repeat business from your hotel accommodation client base, the concept is the same. Winning a spot on a preferred accommodation list is only the start, and whilst the purpose of companies contracting hotels to a preferred supplier list is primarily to consolidate and reduce costs, hotels still need to have the right measures in place to ensure everything is being done to build loyalty and drive room nights.

Thorough account management planning which includes having regular touch points, periodically throughout the year across the multiple layers that play an influencing role in booker behavior is key. Remember; your competitors might also be contracted to the same account, so work towards being front of mind, and be proactive with scheduling quality and meaningful sales activity with you clients.

In many cases the bookers are the travelers themselves who access your content through an online booking tool (OBT). This is where recognition is key, and ensuring that guest profiles are accurate and we understand traveler movements and preferences. Building awareness with guest services teams about their role in the sales process, and the part they play in client retention and satisfaction is critical.

When guests feel recognized and valued, they are more likely to return to the hotel for future stays.

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