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Hotel Development

Site selection, concept design, market research and feasibilities

Hotel Location Review 

Selecting an appropriate hotel development location, is undoubtably the most important decision to be made when considering a hotel project.  The review process for this first step in hotel development factors in development conditions, physical condition of the site, permits required, competitive supply and demand factors (including source markets); in addition to consideration of local facilities, amenity and infrastructure to suit target markets.   Revstar Group will provide a detailed location appraisal as a part of this important first step. 

Hotel Market Research

When conceptualizing a hotel development, there are many important factors to take in to consideration including: 

  • Location

  • Target market

  • Competition

  • Services and facilities offered

  • Operational structure

  • Demand trends

  • Development scale

  • Resident and guest integration (mixed use)

  • Future operator requirements/brand standards

Hotel Project Concept and Design 

Revstar Group works with both Australian based and international architectural firms.  Working across all aspects of accommodation development, including mixed-use and the full spectrum of 'lifestyle living', we are able to assist in finding the best fit for your project.  

Hotel Property Feasibility

Revstar Group can assist with providing full Market Feasibility Studies, which would include hotel performance (in relation to the total market of the proposed location) and a selected competitor set. This process incorporates a review of the market, the proposed site location, design concept, the facility and provides recommendations.

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