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Hotel Lobby

Asset Management

Helping owners maximise profitability and asset value

Hotel Operational Performance Audits

The first step is to complete a detailed review of the property to gain a thorough understanding of key problem areas, and then provide strategies to improve the operational performance of the property. 

Hotel Owner's Representation

If your hotel requires assistance, the first step involves scheduling a 'no obligation' free conversation with our expert team.  This allows us to understand your specific circumstances and determine how we can assist with your business performance objectives.   Following on from there, we conduct full departmental and operational reviews which allow us to tailor, design and implement strategies to enhance operational performance and revenue. 

Hospitality Financial Services

Hotel accounting is a highly specialised area which requires significant work experience to master the nuances of hotel finances.  Our team can assist in managing all of your hospitality accounting needs by implementing industry standard financial systems and assist with training your team to deliver the required standards.  

Hotel Operator Selection

Hotel operator selection is a major factor in the overall success of an investment.  Knowing how to negotiate the most beneficial agreement, can be the difference in creating alignment between owner, operator and investor relationships.  Together with our clients, we negotiate to deliver the best commercial terms with the operator to ensure a win-win financially viable result for the property.  

Hotel Property Refurbishment

The process begins by gaining an understanding of the environment, discussing your vision and working with design elements to create a detailed work plan.  Our specialists are experts in their field and keep up to date with modern trends, keeping in mind owner and guest expectations.  

Hotel Strategic Planning & Organisational Restructuring

Whether you're restructuring a failing business, restructuring to support an expansion or in preparation for a business sale, Revstar Group can assist by preparing the optimum strategy and plan.   We guide our clients through an end to end process that includes the initial preliminary research, decision making based on the discoveries within the research, then implementation and reviews.  

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