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Human Resources, staff learning & development

Human Resources,
Learning & Development

Our consultants are hotel human resource and learning & development specialists.

Our Consultants are experienced and passionate Human Resource and Learning & Development professionals. They are receptive, collaborative, reassuring and will provide you with uncomplicated consultation – no jargon, just simple relevant advice and support,  tailored to your business.

Every organisation’s success rests on its most valuable assets – their employees… their human resources.  So, if human resources are planned for and managed successfully and effectively, organisational goals will be achieved and employee, employer and client satisfaction will result. 

Our Human Resources and Learning & Development specialists will support you, even if you have no idea where to begin, they will guide you through.

At all times, we will provide you with the most current legislative, practical and best practice human resources guidance.

Some of the key areas we look at are:

Workforce Planning
Strategic operational objectives
Forecasting supply and demand
Learning and development
Policy & Procedure Analysis
Legislative compliance
Best practice recommendations
Development, implementation and evaluation
Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding
Determine HR requirements
Advertising and selection strategies
Induction processes, implementations, monitoring and evaluation
Human Resources, staff learning & development

We work with established and pre-opening accommodation providers to drive incremental revenue through strategic planning designed to deliver a competitive edge and future-proof your business.

Our Human Resources, Learning & Development consult includes, but is not limited to:

Development, management and implementation of recruitment, selection and induction processes

Delivery of Human Resources services (HR service level agreements) 

Coaching and mentoring of Managers, line staff as well as HR personnel

Training and development (including professional development, succession planning) 

Payroll Management

OHS / WHS in the workplace – risk and hazard management

Policy and procedure development, implementation and review

Career counselling and mapping – succession planning

Implementation of Employee & Industrial Relations procedures (Award and Enterprise Agreement requirements)

Risk Assessment and Management 

Redundancy and redeployment

Workforce Planning

Management of separation and termination on various levels

Due diligence reporting

Project Management skills

HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information Systems) analysis, recommendation and
oversee implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Workers compensation and return to work programs

Change management (including restructuring)

Remuneration & benefits planning and management

Development, management and implementation of performance management systems

HR and OHS / WHS auditing

Emotional intelligence training and development – assisting others to recognise their own EI and apply in their vocation

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