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Roadmap to Recovery




In this COVID-19 era, there has never been a more pertinent time to apply a holistic strategy to your hotel business to ensure you are maximising the potential of all revenue opportunities.

Revstar Group applies a holistic approach to revenue and distribution, sales, marketing and reservations, delivering thoughtful and measurable recommendations that are custom made for your business.

Our Revstar Recovery Road Map will highlight business gaps and improvements required to ensure your hotel gains traction in your target market without delay.

Our Roadmap to to Recovery Analysis will include:


Discovery session with stakeholders to gain clarity around business objectives and revenue targets.


Undertake an assessment of the revenue and distribution management functions of your business. The intention of this audit is to support you manage your business model more effectively to drive profitability and meet your desired forecasts and budgets. 


Undertake an assessment of your sales and business development function. This assessment will highlight and recommend any potential opportunities within your current key market and channel segments, and also review current methods to lead identification and sales activity being undertaken. 


Undertake an assessment of your marketing and communications function. To stay competitive, your revenue strategy needs to be supported by strategic marketing and brand activities that will help you increase market share and attract the right guests. Our mission is to improve brand presence, positioning and help drive more revenue.   

Terms, Conditions and Inclusions

Top-level report

Data and analytics accessible by the client

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