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Revstar Social Series

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Postcards From the Past

Postcard from the Past:

Rachael - Revenue & Distribution Analyst

"I have so many fond memories of road trips with my parents and little sister but one of my faves was to Merimbula on the Sapphire Coast in NSW."

We would hit the road from Geelong at around 4am which made it all the more exciting! My sister and I would make up games to play in the back of the car; no technology to entertain us back in the 80s!

I remember staying at the Black Dolphin Motel, spending hours and hours in the pool. Mum and Dad gave us free reign on room charges at the poolside kiosk so we ran up the bill with ice-cold raspberry lemonades and ice-creams such as Fat Frogs. When we weren't by the pool we were fishing, taking a scenic plane flight or ferry ride or blowing up our lilos to jump on and flow down the little river to the mouth of the amazing beach.

So many memories; games of backgammon, stealing Dad's bacon from his oysters kilpatrick and who could forget the Black Hole & Twister waterslides and the toboggan ride at Magic Mountain theme park?!

Halcyon Days.. I can't wait to take my kids there soon.

My love of travel and motels/hotels/resorts was born on these trips.


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