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Revstar Group SEO Technical Audit

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a process of improving your website’s

ability to rank highly in organic search results when customers are searching

for your products or services.

The higher the website ranks in search results, the more likely you are to get

new visitors to your site, and drive direct sales.

For hotels focusing on improving their SEO results, the most effective first

step is to obtain a professional comprehensive audit.

Revstar Group has an expert team of highly skilled SEO experts available to

perform an initial Technical SEO Audit for your website/s and report on findings and recommendations.

An SEO Technical Audit acts as a health check for your website. In the SEO audit

we analyse the technical infrastructure of your website, as well as the on-page

elements and off - page essentials to optimise organic search engine

visibility, usability and conversions.

Revstar Group SEO methodology follows a proven and best practice

formula to give your website the highest possible ranking.

1. Keyword Overview

An overview will be provided of the sites current ranking keywords and how it compares against its competitors.

2. Crawling and Indexing

Identify issues preventing the site and/or pages from being correctly crawled and indexed by Google bots.

3. On Page

Identify issues related to SEO elements that website visitors can see, such as page titles, meta description, internal links.

4. Coding Related

Identify issues that are coding related such as page status codes, JS rendering, structured data.

5. Site Speed

Identify opportunities and areas to improve page loading speed and the overall speed of the website.

6. Mobile

Identify mobile - friendly issues that could potentially hold back the rankings on mobile devices.

7. Backlink Review

We analyse the site's backlink profile and how it looks against the competitors.

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