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Human Resources, staff learning & development

Human Resources Advisory Service



Our dedicated Human Resources Specialists will be available via phone or email to answer all of your  Human Resources questions from recruitment and retention strategies to redundancy plans.

Human Resources list of expert advice includes:

Recruitment strategies

Mental health and well-being support for employees and management

Redundancy - retrenchment and redeployment

Planning or re-planning your workforce

Best practice and legislative compliant advice relevant to your business/property

Legislative compliance

Position analysis

Sounding board for managers

COVID Safe Plan – have you got one?

Fair Work Act, NES, and Award advice

Termination of employment due to performance

OHS & WHS advice

Remuneration and benefits (salary and wages)

Conflict and dispute resolution

Employee performance management

Reporting lines: organisational structure

Terms and Conditions

Maximum 4 hours of advice per month. Should more detailed and in-depth advice be required, this can be provided at an hourly rate by contacting the Managing Director of Revstar Group Vanessa Hegarty on 0404026413 or

To book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with our Human Resources specialist.

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