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Combined Revstar commercial services achieve outstanding results for this regional NSW hotel.

At Revstar we take great pride in the quality of our work, client satisfaction and of course achieving meaningful results, and when we have the opportunity to combine services; in this case revenue management & distribution and our bespoke conference and event sales management we see the real magic happen..

We're thrilled to share some amazing feedback from our valued partner; the Gibraltar Hotel Bowral.

“The management of Gibraltar Hotel Bowral were fortunate to work very closely with the Revstar team for over a year in both revenue management and conference and events sales management. We found their service to be friendly, highly engaging and professional. What we found most satisfying is their attention to detail and how they cared enough to take a deep dive approach into our business to understand it at a fundamental level to ensure they could deliver the best results for our investment. Their professional team worked closely with our operations and leadership team to ensure the hotel could grow rate and occupancy and secure substantial growth, particularly in the conference and events domain, a core part of our hotel’s business. By way of their bespoke approach we were able to realise substantial growth in our conference and events business, including increased conversion rates which has had substantial impacts to our bottom line and profitability for both rooms and F&B. In addition, their revenue management practices helped us to hold the highest seasonal average daily rate for our region and helped position us as a premium upscale hotel product. We would recommend Revstar services for any hotelier looking to gain the advantage of an independent specialist that can add real value and results.”

Speak with the Revstar team today about how we help grow your accommodation business through our multi-level commercial support services, and maintain your competitive advantage.

To learn more about how Revstar Group can support or manage sales, marketing, revenue, distribution, reservations, or human resources for your accommodation business, please get in touch:


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